Why is there a strange scaly creature in knickers and a santa hat in my order?!

Why is there a strange scaly creature in knickers and a santa hat in my order?!

Karolina and I posted this creature online recently and I thought I should probably explain... then I realised I couldn't remember exactly WHY a Christmas themed Pangolin existed in my brain. Happily Philmore has a better memory than me, so this is how it started:

"It was last Christmas, and I was saying how daft it was that penguins were all over cards and ads when they're not relevant to Christmas. You said that they might as well have pangolins instead since they've got a similar level of relevance. Then we got carried away and decided that next year in 2015 the Christmas pangolin would be made real!"

I then totally forgot about this, and indeed how on earth I learnt about Pangolins in the first place, until Karolina and I remembered that we probably needed a logo for the Lingerie Secret Santa (which was Karolina's idea, and keeps getting bigger, so this year she got me to help a bit for When Stuff Goes Wrong Or People Are Complicated), and because we take marketing TREMENDOUSLY seriously, pangolins it is.

Marianne from Pop Antiques brought it to life :)

If you don't know what the Lingerie Secret Santa is, you should go read about it here. TL:DR? It's pretty much what it says.

Aaaanyway, if you haven't met a pangolin before, they are amazing! They are a scaly mammal, which is just weird, they hiss at small threats and turn themselves into an armoured ball at bigger ones, they're massive introverts so we know almost nothing about them, they're kinda fascinating to watch, and they're also at risk of extinction because of their popularity in traditional medicine and habitat destruction. So that sucks; they may actually go extinct before we know anything about them or before the average person has even identify one. You can help save the pangolins here.

They join our other inexplicable lingerie animals, the Confused Lingerie T-Rex (for when the industry isn't coping with change) and the Bramarama Drama Llama (by Cyndrekit), for when lingeristas argue or do stupid stuff. Because we're not always nice.

Oh yes, also, you can maybe get a Pangolin Christmas Card with your order at the moment, there's about 100 of them :)

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