Yes, generally speaking, we accept returns. Because a) buying online is tricky and maybe won't work out, and b) you're covered by EU consumer legislation. Just please, please make sure you send back your item clean and with its order number, within 14 days of receipt. We also recommend keeping proof of postage or tracking.

Want to start a return? Here's the quick form - it takes a couple of minutes.

The big exceptions are made-to-order or customised items, and opened hosiery; you can't just send these back, you have to ask nicely!  There are also some other rules and things you might need to know.

We will love you forever if you accept a gift voucher rather than cash refund. So much so we offer you more to spend if you do that. That's because refunds can be a big cashflow drain (and take up lots of staff time fiddling with transaction searches and admin) for teeny tiny businesses.

Buying online means you can return most things for any reason within 14 days of receipt. It doesn't matter if you bought a sale item, full price, pre-order or a gift voucher, for up to 14 days after you get the item, you can start a return. You can request a return after 14 days but we might refuse or refund you with a gift voucher.

Made-to-order, personalised and customised items are excluded. The law doesn't cover them. If we haven't started making it you can cancel your made to order items, so it's worth checking, and we do often accept made-to-order back if you accept a gift voucher in return, but we're not obligated to.

Hosiery (tights, stockings, hold-ups) also aren't covered because most people don't want to risk things other people's feet might have been in. So, you can cancel them if we haven't posted them, and you can return them if you didn't open the packet, but once they're open, you're stuck with them.

Cancelling orders; if you want to cancel your order let us know as soon as possible. At quiet times there can be as little as an hour between orders and it going in the post, at busy times it can be a few days, so let us know as soon as possible.

We will only accept returns that are in the same condition we sent them out in, which means clean and with tags! Look, some poor soul in the office has to go through returns and check for deodorant marks, skin cells, hairs, fake tan, glitter, bodily fluids, broken seams, snipped-off bows . . . most of the time it's fine and you're all lovely, but every now and then someone returns things that are a mess. If you do that, we are not obliged to accept your return or refund you. Also, it's usually a very confused 17 year old lad checking, so be nice and send your stuff back clean.

Outside the UK? Clearly mark it as a return! If you don't we might get asked to pay import duty and administration fees. We will refuse to, and it will go back to you again, very, very slowly.

Faulty items might not have to be returned. You have a year to report anything you think is faulty; if you send us a picture we might not ask you to post it back. If we do need you to, we have to pay you for the post cost.

Wrong items (when Dan-the-18-year-old gets confused between opaque stockings and opaque tights) might also not need to be returned. Email us with a picture again, and if we need you to post it back we'll sort out repaying the postage.

Returns are only processed about once every two weeks - we're a very small company and we don't get enough of them to do them every day. they go into a box, and then someone does them in a batch, they get logged and then handled. Don't panic if your tracking says it's returned to the warehouse but we haven't logged it, it's most likely just in the box waiting for the admin.

If you don't include your paperwork expect delays though! The warehouse are not mind readers and we are just one brand amongst dozens of others; if you send back some knickers with nothing to identify them they are going to get confused, put them in a box, drop us a line and ignore them.  It will take us a while to match up an order and return, if it's even possible. At the very least, your order number on the parcel is required.

My refund doesn't match my original payment! If you are from outside the UK this quite often happens, because we charge and refund in British pounds, so the amounts change all the time depending on what our money is worth in your country. I'm afraid that's in the hands of the banks, not us.