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Would you like to ask a question?

Our top three questions are "where is my order" (check your inboxes as we send you tracking info, or click on your original order confirmation email), "how do I do a return" (click this link) and questions about sizes.

If those don't answer your question then try our Frequently Asked Questions below, and if that doesn't work - you can email us on 

... Why don't you make larger bra sizes? Can you make my specific bra size just for me?

We don't have the money, and no. We're sorry. It's a lovely idea, and if she ever won the lottery, Rachel would use the money to set up a sister brand called Kiss Me Deadlier, for fuller-cup bras. But right now, it's just not possible. If you can deal with statistics, you can read the long answer here.

... Does Morgana work in your warehouse? Can I meet her?

No. Morgana has her own life somewhere else, and she doesn't really fancy being stuck in a dusty warehouse. We used to have a really big photo of her up on the wall, which was nearly the same, but the eyes followed you round the room and we got a bit scared, so we had to take it down. Even people that worked with us for 6 years have never met Morgana!

... I'm thinking of a thing. What is it?

It's probably our Van Doren 6-strap suspender belt. Alternatively, it may be that picture of Morgana in our classic lace Vargas Dress.

... I've found this great picture of a style you did in the past. Can I still buy it?

Probably not from us, no. Almost everything that we make is a limited edition, which means that once it's gone, it's gone. 

... Where in America are you based?

We're not! We all live and work in England. Please don't get upset with us when we can't respond to you instantly; it might be lunchtime where you are, but in England it's probably nearer midnight.

... Are you real human people?

Yes. Yes we are. It's very easy to think that everything that exists on the internet happens by magic, but we promise we're real. (Incidentally, it's perfectly reasonable to want to check that we're real human people before you give us any money. We quite understand, and if you do want to do this, you can call our warehouse on the number listed on our contact page.)

... How can I check that an item I bought elsewhere was really made by you?

Ah, forgeries. Imitation might be the sincerest form of flattery, but it's also the most frustrating. If you're concerned that the item you've bought might not have been made by us,  contact us. You can also check to see what styles we've made in the past here.

If you do contact us, it'll help if you can tell us who you bought the item from, and why you're concerned. A description of the item (including size, colour, and details of any tags or labels that it came with) is also handy. Yes, it has happened before and yes we do pursue people with lawyers.

If none of these options contain the information you're looking for, please contact us.