About us

Two models in retro lingerie hold swords standing on a table top. A man appears dead in the background and a third model sits in between.

Once upon a time, I was a psychologist and then I started a lingerie brand for femmes fatales.

Clearly there's a few things left out of that story :)
Notably, that if it hadn't been for fibromyalgia and a host of other hidden illnesses I'd have happily stayed working in mental health and social care. So don't expect me to be nice, or talk in Vogue-level terms about my inspirations. Instead, expect sarcasm about bad bra-science, fashion marketing's inability to use statistics sensibly,  and unsolicited opinions from men. All of which comes to you glamorously wrapped in vintage styles, for the amusement of your fabulously geeky feminist selves!

A catwalk of Kiss Me Deadly fans featuring eight women and one man in customised lingerie outfits and hats.

As for the garments, alongside the original 6 strap suspender belt sets you can find girdles, corselettes, corsets, stockings, swimwear, nightwear, dresses and all sorts. You can see the archive of Kiss Me Deadly designs here.

Oh, and now that Kiss Me Deadly is a leading independent lingerie brand from the UK, with a bunch of awards to its name - we work with other independents along the way. This means you can find guest brands, campaigns and collaborations on the site, with a focus  on all things limited editions and niche. Welcome to the British independent lingerie community, running lingerie businesses without big corporate backing, and surviving because of your enthusiasm!

Three models stare you down in film noir lighting, wearing retro, 50's styled lingerie and corsets. A kickstarter logo is underneath.

Over a decade or so the team has changed. At the moment, we have myself (Catherine) and Maz working from home in London, Lou makes the corsets in Sheffield, and some lovely people (mostly Clare) at the Radius warehouse in Avonmouth pack your parcels. We like to confuse the heck out of them with questions about ouvert knickers and exact shades of blue.  The garments are made in factories in many countries, but outside of the EU we make sure they have an ethics certificate.

Catherine (the founder of Kiss Me Deadly) appears to be behind bars

We don't have a physical shop because rent in the UK is insane, but we do occasionally have events or pop-ups. Check out Philmore Clague or Ayten Gasson

If you're here for the wonderful pictures, most are done by Morgana at Iberian Black Arts.  We also work regularly with Tigz Rice.

Need to ask a question? Try the FAQ or drop us a line. Maz is nicer than I am. Just saying! 

A model in a plum satin full length 1930's style lounges against a fireplace and wooden dresser