Lingerie Secret Santa; wooly knickers!

Lingerie Secret Santa; wooly knickers!

As you may know, this year we're taking part in a Lingerie Secret Santa, wherein Karolina magically organises 27 indies brands into a higgledy-piggledy circle taking into account sizes and sometimes surprisingly specific rules, and then we merely have to combat the forces of customs officials and post offices to surprise each other.


Mine arrived a while back, but extracting it from customs was just as tricky for me as it is for all of you. But it was a gift from Sandmaiden, who I ADORE, because bamboo loungewear is the best thing ever when you're a tired and sore person with skins that hates everything.

Their packaging carries through their eco-conscious yet luxurious aesthetic. Inside was a black robe, and wine red slip and knicker trimmed in black with black lace. Now, see, if I say they are made from wool, you'd be thinking jumper/sweater type knitted stuff, wouldn't you? But in fact it's a very fine woven merino wool fabric - so fine I didn't even realise it was wool until I tried them on. You can wash it no bother :)


The slip has a hidden double shelf layer with elastic at the bottom for bust support, which is a nice touch for loungewear at my size, and was the most comfortable version of this I've had yet. The knicker had the essential cotton gusset, though because of my health issues, I rarely wear knickers... so my sister has nabbed off with them. She works in a job where your knickers are a crucial factor in your health, and she thinks merino wool undies are the BEST thing ever. Happily she also loves red/purple shades!

I didn't have the energy to spend hours on make-up and styling so here is a very silly photo after I got told that if I stood on the sofa it would mysteriously help with pictures. I think probably the photographer was just trying to get me to smile and fall over, because we all know that makes the perfect modelling shot!

Elsewhere on the Secret Santa, Anna from Playful Promises and I had a lengthy debate about peach, apricot and chocolate shades when she got her gift from Little Women,  Karolina nearly lost her mind about the exquisite construction of her Pillowbook set, Emma loves her buttery soft leather Almeida set, Orchid Corsetry included sugar mice in her gift (I really want a sugar mouse now!), and apparently you'll have to join snapchat if you want to see what we sent to Pamela Cooper!



Though I still don't know if I still have to get my sister a Christmas present as well? :)  Votes in the comments!

Oh, and our anti-gift-guide is here.