Who is the customisation Queen of them all?

Who is the customisation Queen of them all?

OK, first off I have to say sorry - I've been side-tracked by work crises and personal health drama and I have NOT been paying enough attention to the competitions, which is deeply unfair of me given the frankly astonishing amount of energy time and enthusiasm you all put in. You put me to shame, Deadlies.

Secondly - I completely underestimated the complexity of what people would do! Wow!

This also made it really hard to choose.

In the end, I took the teams input and we agreed that Lyz wins - we just loved the totally unexpected Elytras and the sheer amount of them she put on, plus her styling, setting and all the rest.

But you know, even if you don't have a dramatic castle handy, you can make one hell of an impact at home. So naturally the first runner up has to be Poppy - seriously how was I ever going to resist LIGHTS!

I also cannot resist comic-style "POW!" signs. I believe that Amaryllis has gotten all too good an insight into my mind.

Desiree, on the other hand, is new to me, and yet she managed to create not only a ton of tiny details that won't show up well here, but also this fabulous collar - from scratch!

Thank you so much to everyone who joined in, has been reading along or is busy testing out their own craft skills - I can't imagine this is the last we'll be seeing of this!