Celia and her customised Lydia: feathers and satin!

Celia and her customised Lydia: feathers and satin!

Celia is totally new to me but I really hope she sticks around because I do love a good ostrich feather trim, especially in  a breeze. Plus she apologised for the good weather in Colorado, which I appreciate, because whilst British weather is really quite temperate, we do like to maintain our position as the number 1 complainers about  rain.

Here's what Celia said about the outfit:

I know I will garner little sympathy from you ladies in the UK, but the last few weeks we've had unusual rain in Colorado and had delayed photographing this ensemble. This week I ran out of time, but I was determined to use a certain location and managed to get it photographed on a windy evening with the light fading fast.

This is the Lydia set, customised with luscious turquoise satin, black organza, and a sort of side bustle made from ostrich, pheasant and crow feathers with silver accents. The bra has a curved collar of ostrich and crow feathers framing the décolletage. A looking glass brooch at the bust fashioned from a miniature hand mirror and silver teardrops completes the look.

As a vintage enthusiast and photographer, I wanted to create something  grand, and Lydia was the perfect foundation to build on.

Aimy Robyn is the gorgeous model wearing this ensemble. She's a pin-up model here in Denver. Although it was spitting rain and the wind blew her skirt almost up over her head a few times, she never wavered and her hair stood the test!

Hair, make-up, and styling: Celia Morrissey of Nightlight Digital
Model: Aimy Robyn