Ghouls and Garters; come and play in the pop-up!

Ghouls and Garters; come and play in the pop-up!

You may have noticed that Halloween is around the corner. Normally I'm a bit rubbish about doing anything for it, but this year, we have a pop-up! With enough space to fit more than 3 people in!

Karolina Laskowksa is also in the same pop-up - we have a rail each, which I try and cram as much stock as possible onto - and we would both like to invite you to the store on the 30th October to play dress-up. The pictures show her styles, though the corset is Puimond.

We're always keen to show our styles on the biggest variety of people possible, but we're restrained by two things; budgets, and people feeling shy or having jobs incompatible with posting picture of yourself in your knickers on the net. But we realised last week - Halloween involves MASKS!  If you can't be ID'd then dressing up and pictures is way more fun, right?

So, come to the shop - The Catwalk Edit, 132 Commercial Street (in between a cheese specialist and a health food store. No, really. But also a few shops further down there's All Saints and Urban Outfitters). Turn up between 4pm and 10pm on the Thursday 30th October 2014.

We will have masks, props, accessories, snacks, and as much stock as we can fit on a rail.  And of course discounts, sales items and free gifts.

Play dress up; I might make sure there's a drink limit on sword usage, mind.

We'll be taking pictures, but we promise NOT to use them unless you're ok with them. Mostly we just want you to have fun!

Bonus points if you manage to make people laugh or spook them out!