What makes KMD special to you? Success

What makes KMD special to you? Success

I'm running a writing competition at the moment - just a line, paragraph, however much you want, on what makes KMD special for you.

Here's Sarah's answer (not their real name):


"To put it simply KMD represents all I’ve achieved. It represents how far I’ve come in the last three and a half years. As a shy introverted teenager of the 80’s, I faced the choice of being one of the crowd just to be “liked” or being true to myself. I chose the later. The only way I could do so was to build what I now refer to as my “turtle shell”.

The diagnosis of ovarian cysts as a 21st birthday present and subsequent surgery shattered dreams, made me more determined to hold what remained close, even when telling ones self it didn’t matter. Unfortunately the result was to retreat into my shell more.

Family came first. Returning home after university to help my parents as I could with my father’s long illness (my father had been first diagnosed with what became re occurring brain tumours when I got into University and insisted I stay in no uncertain terms). I never regretted doing so. It’s an important part of me.

It was after my father passed away, followed by my nephews diagnosis of diabetes I took note of my own issues with weight and realised the impact it was having on my health. I did not want to end up dead before 50. I seemed to be doing all the right things to lose weight but was putting it on instead.

My local GP referred me to a plastic surgeon to get rid of what he assumed was stubborn fat deposits. It was an appointment I left in tears, with a referral to another specialist to find out why I was gaining weight. A remark from the surgeon that he would see me in two years had me thinking to myself “not likely”.

I’d hit the low point and made the specialists appointment thinking I had nothing to lose. A diagnosis of out of whack hormones, non existent metabolism and eating the wrong way to fix the issue set me on the right path. A strict metabolic diet, more exercise over the next year saw me lose almost 50 kilos.

Looking for a comfortable bra that gave support but didn’t irritate my loose skin sent me looking for a “vintage” style bra. What I discovered was KMD.

Two and a bit years after starting my journey and 12 months of maintaining the weight loss, I was back in that surgeons office. Any surgeon who would not take a quick fix option for a client was one I wanted to do my surgery. Almost 18 months post surgery I’m fitter than ever.

I have a secret guilty pleasure in purchasing underwear that matches my love for clothes from 20’s to the early 60’s. I have a somewhat odd figure now days – not modern but not quiet the traditional hour glass or pear shape. I have a distinct lack of boobs and butt as I tell my friends, with a smile. I particularly enjoy the pretty control type underwear as it supplies that bit of pulling in I need. As with most cases of weight loss to my extent a second tightening of the stomach skin is often needed. However, it’s not something I plan to do unless skin infections come along again. Frankly it hurts! A lot! The sitting still for weeks on end is the hardest thing, as its not part of my nature anymore.

I’m not perfect, I don’t want to be. I certainly don’t want to become a plastic person who doesn’t look real. Your wonderful underwear and swimsuits do wonders for any little imperfections boost the confidence by bounds and make one feel beautiful. I am not one to gain attention -  the quickest I move is from the change room to the swimming pool when I wear one of your swimsuits. Being in a bikini was not something I ever imagined doing at my age and certainly not in front of a pool full of strangers. If it wasn’t for the style, I’d never have done it! KMD is the symbol of my success."

"p.s. is Antarctica the as far south as KMD has been? Cause your swimsuit was part of the dip"