This week at KMD - Mystery Gifts and a location shoot

This week at KMD - Mystery Gifts and a location shoot

I thought I should probably explain a few of the things that are happening this week for people who are new around here!

1) Free gifts.

We don’t do sales. Seriously. You know when there’s bits and bobs left over and most people carefully sort them and then do an end of season sale? We don’t. Instead we do free gifts. Because it’s WAY more fun and you clearly enjoy it more too! Sometimes we’ll gift a specific thing – for example swimwear in December when we really need the space for something more seasonally appropriate – and other times it’s more random, though we do of course send you something in the same sizes as you have ordered. Sometimes this might mean you get the very last one of a thing – I know a few people who have had sought after early Vargas dresses!

Twice a year we send out a free gift with every order, around the same time that other people do seasonal sales, until we run out of things. Although what you get is somewhat arbitrary, we do pay attention and if we remember your name, or you have Top Customer written next to it on the backend of our shop, you’re likely to get a bit more thought and attention.

This week it’s a mystery gift with every order over £100 which of course also gets you free postage worldwide. Good luck, and have fun with your gift!

Elle French knickers in leopard print silk chiffon, in stock now.

2) New pictures!

In 6 years I have never done a location shoot with Morgana – everything has been created using the magic of photoshop, her home studio and on one occasion, painted backdrops.

We finally went wild, booked the 40 Winks Hotel, completed any amount of paperwork and paid for extra insurance, I spent the day twitching in fear of damaging wallpaper that was £6000 a wall (gold leaf), Morgana spent the day modelling and shooting, Jess and Emmie spent the day whizzing in and out of lingerie and Chloe and Eva helped out. Plus, a whole bunch of you loaned us weapons and in one case a sample!

I’m still knackered and Morgana has an allergic reaction to the feathers, but the results are awesome, plus we’re learning about which saws to use for what. You can expect to see shots from this shoot coming out until January 2015, starting with things we have in stock now.

We’re also having a few staffing changes, sorting out everything we want to produce in the next 18 months, debating corset developments, writing a HR manual, opening in a pop up in Sheffield, working on improvements in the London boutique, ranting about sample sizes in bra research, and a bunch of other stuff... but I figured it’s mostly the free gifts and the shiny pictures that are interesting to everyone else!