Ayten Gasson - 10 things you might not know!

Ayten Gasson - 10 things you might not know!

This week it’s the turn of Ayten Gasson to feature on the site. I’ve been working with Ayten since we started, and I credit her with making me learn about keeping things tidy and making things look beautiful! Ayten’s garments are made from silk and trimmed in lace and ribbon – often from the last remaining lace mills in the UK.

Ayten Gasson Lexi silk bra and knickers with KMD Amelie suspender belt.

So, did you know:

Ayten has always manufactured 100% in the UK? Employ a little cynicism for “Made in the UK” – legally, you do not have to make things in their entirety here to say this – you can finish a garment or product here and it counts! 100% made in the UK means it was cut, sewn and finished in the UK.

That silk is the strongest natural fibre with a prismatic yarn that produces a lustrous finish, naturally anti-bacterial, easy to dye, cool in summer and warm in winter, and moisture absorbent. Also, it feels amazing.

The price of silk is down to the silkworms who produce it – they have to be very carefully kept as they are susceptible to all sorts of upsets, including noise! When they have a bad year, the price goes up, when we all manage to stay very quite, the price goes down. Because of its origins it remains a luxury fabric.

Ayten Gasson Classic Silk Camisole and KMD AW13 Sirena knicker

Her best sellers are silk knickers and tap pants – everything from peace silk (made without killing the silk worm) through tie sides and even a sexy ouverte back knicker with tiny ribbon ties. Perfect for matching with corsets.

The KMD Bridal Demi Corset with Ayten Gasson silk tap pants.

You should hand wash your silk lingerie – and steam it gently, on the inside.

The quality of silk produced depends on what leaves the silkworms eat!

All of Ayten's styles are French seamed or bound seamed, which means any raw fabrics edges are fully enclosed. The industry standard is overlocking, which is much faster and cheaper, but an enclosed seam makes the seam stronger AND feels better on your skin. Not something you can easily see when buying online!

This season Ayten is using tea-staining, a very old way of producing natural shades. She has a guide on her site for anyone who wants to try dying their own fabrics or garments. Her tea stained lace goes beautifully with our new demi-corset.

Nottingham was once the centre of the UK garment industry, and in particular had fabric mills and lace mills. It’s where our factory is and still has more small manufacturing units than the rest of the country, but it’s a shadow of it’s former self. Ayten uses vintage lace left over from its heyday as well as newly produced lace from the sole remaining Nottingham lace supplier, and has done since 2005.

Our pictures of Ayten’s garments here are from the 40 Winks hotel where we recently shot our new styles for the rest of the year. Weapons not included!

Last but not least a little help on sizing:

Small Medium Large
UK Size 8 – 10 10 – 12 14 – 16
Back 30 – 32 inches 32 – 34 inches 36 – 38 inches
Waist 23 – 25 inches 25 – 27 inches 28 – 32 inches
Hips 34 – 36 inches 36 – 38 inches 40 – 42 inches