The Valentines Lovebomb

The Valentines Lovebomb

You’re going to want to read this because there’s a shedload of freebies in it if you pay attention!

A whole bunch of people have said to me recently that it looks like we have fun at trade shows, and it true, we do; mainly because it’s the time that we get to see all the other women working away at their own brands. So many small independent brands are working from their own home, studio or office and it’s nice to catch up, see what everyone’s been doing, hear all the horror stories, swap info and generally realise that you’re not alone and everything is perfectly normal in the strange world of selling pants!

Independent brands are those without any corporate backing – no huge companies behind us, no corporate financing, just whatever we can raise ourselves (thanks, Smile, for believing that I was going to get married! I’d have never got going without that loan). So that can be hard, but it means that, especially in the UK, there are lots of small brands busy doing things the big brands would never dream of, because company board meetings aren’t so hot on niche markets and quirky designs – way too risky for them.

So this Valentines, we’re going to work together – stuff conventional romantic love, 10 of us independent brands have got together to lovebomb each other instead!

Each brand is running a giveaway over the next two weeks, and we’ll be writing about what we love about them. We also took the opportunity to take some awesome pictures that feature all the brands - catch the full set on facebook! Anna Swiczeniuk took these at Cirque Du Soir, where they very graciously let us set stuff on fire and generally run around for an entire afternoon!

Take a look at all these brands over the next two weeks for news and giveaways:

What Katie Did – faux vintage lingerie, corsetry and swim
Candy Baker – glamourous diamante embellished hosiery
Miss Mandalay - B-HH cups in trend-led bra sets and bikinis.
Kriss Soonik – edgy loungerie with signature motifs.
Fraulein Kink – Sensual accessories to inspire adventure, lust and sexual exploration.
Ayten Gasson – vintage inspired silk lingerie, nightwear and gift wear trimmed with vintage Nottingham lace
Playful Promises – fun and flirty trend led lingerie, swimwear and gift wear
Paolita – high end beachwear with that celebrate individuality and vitality
Velda Lauder Corsetiere – Couture and ready to wear corsetry and

Models – Jessica Louise Abidde , Tessa, Miss Miranda
Make Up and Hair – Cheyenne Raymond

Shoes by Natacha Marro
Hosiery from Hepburn and Leigh
Masks by Pearls and Swine