Last Christmas, I gave you my card, the very next year . . .

Last Christmas, I gave you my card, the very next year . . .

. . . we ended up with corsets. Quite seriously, this set of corsets was initiated by a random meeting in a pub with a passing acquaintance on the 24th December, 2011. At the moment, its just a tester; corsets are quite pricey, and making them is a bit tricky, so these are currently all made by said passing acquaintance one at a time as you order them, so we can get a feel for what’s working and what isn’t.

Danielle likes to hang around clubs in her underwear and borrow tiaras, so we were always destined to get to know each other better I suspect.

Because of this, I was thrilled when Emily ordered one and offered to review it. Emily’s official KMD status is “MegaFan”, which means that we’ve noticed that she quite likes us and chats about it! She came and worked for us at Erotica when a staff member dropped out at the last moment, and knew a terrifying amount about the products for someone not intimately involved in the business – superb for talking to people new to us. So, she already has a DeVille set in blue and last week we sent her out a corset to go with it. Here’s her review, some pictures, and a tiny bit of comment from me.

Blue DeVille Corset Review

“Kiss Me Deadly is my favourite lingerie company so when I saw the new line of
corsets I was very excited that they’d branched into something else I love. Of the
recent collections I fell completely head over heels for the Blue DeVille, so the
DeVille corset was the obvious choice to complete my set.
When it arrived my first impression was that is was very shiny – I’d forgotten it
was made from taffeta – in a nice way. The material is slightly different to the
rest of the DeVille but the colour matches well as hopefully my pictures in normal
light should show.”

Ed’s note: yes, its tricky to make the corsets and lingerie out of the same fabric as you need different things from them – even though the DeVille this year wasn’t as stretchy as it should have been, it was still stretchier than you should use for corsetry.

“The corset has obviously been made with care and attention to detail. The lace panel at the front lines up nicely. Another nice touch, aside from all the usual things you would expect like steel busk, waist tape and good lacing, is there are 6 loops for suspenders if you want to wear it as underwear.”

Ed’s note: I really must add that to the descriptions!

“I’ve found it to be the best fitting underbust I’ve tried on. With other underbusts
I’ve always had trouble lacing myself into them properly – but that wasn’t the case
with this one. It has a very curvy shape so it leaves your ribs and hips feeling
comfortable while giving a good waist reduction. It produces a beautiful curve even
when only lightly laced up (with a 3-4 inch gap at the back). I think I must have a
short torso or a high waist as the top of the overbust was higher than I expected.
When I wore it with the DeVille bra it covered up the bottom of the bra, when I’d
expected it to meet the lower edge of the bra. It probably doesn’t help that I’m
only 5’4″, so that’s something to keep in mind if you have a particularly short

Eds note: This is a difficulty that me and Danielle are facing a bit actually – we’re both short in the body so judging where things sit on the average body can be a bit tricky and its always possible we overestimated!

“Overall I would say this corset is a fantastic addition to Kiss Me Deadly’s
range and if I had the money I’d be ordering the other two right now!”

Whoo! I think the plum is probably the most waist cinching actually.


Emily in and out of her corset, so you can see what it does.

And also with and without flash, so you can see the change in colour and its variation with the DeVille satin.

A big thank you to Emily for the feedback and the pics, and hope that helps any of you who have been wondering about ordering one!