Lovebomb; What Katie Did

Lovebomb; What Katie Did

It’s probably apt that the Lovebomb starts with WKD, because most people assume that we compete with each other – after all, even some of our retailers get us confused and try to return bullet bras to the KMD offices!

We know we’re very different brands though – and as a result of some research last year, we’re absolutely certain that we have a very different appeal. If you’ve ever worn both brands, you’ll know that Katie’s designs are close to fully authentic reproductions of vintage garments, with changes for contemporary figures. Ours are more like lightly inspired by the look, but have pretty much nothing in common in terms of construction or fabrics. Perhaps predictably, since small brands tend to reflect their owners, if you ever meet Katie and myself, you can see the difference – Katie is full on 50′s, retro hair, vintage or vintage style clothes, red lipstick, eyeliner - while I’ve been known to wear my Vargas cerise pantygirdle over a wet look lycra catsuit, superman style!

Anyway, what do I love about them? Wow, tons of things:

1) I’m pretty certain they’re one of the biggest, if not the biggest, indie lingerie brand in the UK, which is extremely inspiring, especially as Katie started it by buying £100 of stockings!

2) Katie buys me lunch. I love lunch. You ever want to bribe me, feed me.

3) I have the torsolette shown above in black and purple and its is fabulous. I love that Katie recreated cathedral style boning for it and also that (and this is so not her thing but hey) its long enough that I can totally wear it out to certain clubs.

4) The shops! They’re so pretty! Full of things I get tempted by! I always have – I used to go in when they were in a tiny shop in Camden, staffed by the most extremely wasp waisted pointy bosomed woman I ever saw outside of Mars Attacks.

5) They have Besame cosmetics, which are especially captivating. I’m a sucker for packaging.

6) They do bullet bras. Thank god, because they are so not my thing, but I recognise that they very much wanted by lots of people, so its wonderful to be able to point them at a friendly reliable company.

7) Maz, Katie’s model and press person, is made of awesome. She’s done a few trade shows with me of late and she’s just fab to be around.

8) The peach colour they do is beautiful – look at how great it looks on Jessica.

9) If you get through lots of seamed stockings, Katie’s are very sensibly priced! I especially like the net.

10) Katie’s husband and partner in crime has the best moustache ever!

I could go on but probably best you go and look at them yourselves really. Or you can get a chance at trying them for free, as they are giving away one of the cabaret torsolettes (like the one in the picture) in peach or black, with Kate knickers and stockings. The stockings come in about 10 different shades! 10 runners up get a pair of 80 denier tights or stockings in black with a contrast red seam. Join their mailing list to be in with a chance!

The What Katie Did facebook, blog and tumblr are all worth a watch today for more information.