Lovebomb: Candy Baker

Lovebomb: Candy Baker

I ended up working in lingerie mainly due to an accidental obsession with hosiery, so I’m thrilled that we have a hosiery brand in here. I’ve met Candy a few times at trade shows, and what stands out for me is that she is passionate about the quality of the hosiery she uses for her embellished patterns. I know that might sound odd, but there are people out there taking budget minded hosiery and bedazzling or printing it up and then selling it as a luxury item, and while I appreciate that both those procedures are time consuming, skilled and painstaking, I would vastly prefer that they were done on a piece of hosiery worthy of them!

Anyway, now that's out of the way – aren’t these amazing? I want spangly legs! There’s also an art deco theme print coming out these year, and I’m busy persuading Candy (well, ok, bossing her about) into doing both styles onto stockings. Thus far the Facebook-generated plan is to do black print onto a sheer stocking and the crystals onto a black opaque stocking, as long as Candy and myself can agree on what is an acceptably high quality product to do this to!

In the meantime, Candy is offering one pair of each size of the Crystal Backseam Tights – visit her facebook page and website to check how to win!

Also: I really need those shoes.

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