The quickie Easter Egg Photo Competition! Win a £100 voucher

The quickie Easter Egg Photo Competition! Win a £100 voucher

Easter Egg Photo Competition

Usually at this time of the year we run an Easter Egg Hunt, but since we just had a mega-moving-sale that seems a bit daft. So instead I thought we'd have a super quick egg-based competition.

I don't know how many of you decorate eggs normally - I haven't since I left home, and its possible my artistic skills have declined somewhat since then, but you get the idea hopefully!

So here's the rules! (pretty simples)

1) get some eggs -  I tried for diversity but sadly only had mediums in the fridge.

2) Decorate them in lingerie! Bonus points for managing a KMD design (I did the Cherie, Ida and Sirena)

3) Take a picture.

4) Email it to us ( with permission for us to post it online or post it yourself to one of these:

Kiss Me Deadly Facebook
Kiss Me Deadly Instagram
Kiss Me Deadly Twitter
Kiss Me Deadly Tumblr
Kiss Me Deadly Pinterest

Tag us or or we won't know!

5) Wait for a winner!

This is just a quickie competition so you've got just over a week - deadline is Wednesday the 8th April 2014.

The winner gets a £100 voucher to spend with us!