Eggstravangaaanza! The Deadly Easter Egg Competition

Eggstravangaaanza! The Deadly Easter Egg Competition

Wow! Turns out Deadlies are quite the crafters, I thought it would be a bit of fun to see if any of you still decorated eggs - and by the end of the holiday my inbox was positively filled with eggy, creative delight! And bad puns, which are also something I very much enjoy. So, what do you think? A whole new way of sampling for us? :)  What styles can you spot and which is your favourite?


Complete with props... and sushi.

Never look a gift egg in the mouth.

Tiny hat!

Lindsey tells me her boyfriend became so intrigued by her egg (the pantogram) that he left his video game to come and craft this purple haired naughty egg!

Stage, egg and backdrop.

Should we do a purple DeVille?

Swimsuits and girdles; its true that eggs aren't the shape these were designed for :)

Perfectly detailed, right up to a beauty spot.

One person found a way round the shape issue :)

Another ended up with a babushka-shaped corset model.

Is this crepe paper and sequins?


Did anyone else have these traditional wooden decorated eggs?

Foam craft pasties?

Snakeskin and Swarovski.

I think the third one along might be a tea-dyed egg?

Beskirted and bespangled!

Eggward Scissorhands!


This one even seems to have teeny tiny stitches in its outfit?

A bright pink DeVille?

An emerald babydoll.

This would be how neatly Joe would wrap an egg in ribbon.

And finally, a traditionally dyed egg - less traditionally decorated with the Sirena bra and knickers!

A small family of eggs.

I I think two of these are KMD and one is a Karolina Laskowska set?

A "la Vintage" egg in a silk bed. It came with a poem: "Silk and satin and all things nice, beautiful lingerie at a good price, and a welcome that's super friendly, that's what you'll find at Kiss Me Deadly."

A Queen of Vintage, with eggcellent tastes :)

The Vargas - complete with dragon wings!

And last but not least... no KMD competition is complete without weapons. Teeny, tiny toy ones!