Eggstrodinary and loving Deadly Winners

Eggstrodinary and loving Deadly Winners

Photo Competition Winners

In between moving hundreds of boxes around and trying to cancel the phone lines and stuff, I've been totally amazed by Deadlies photos! The eggs were especially unexpected, you all turn out to be very creative.

Here are the winners.

Lindy made tiny paper versions of our lingerie and props for her eggs and there's something so charming about them (or possibly I've been watching Archer to much and expect a black line round the edge of everything) that I couldn't resist.

At some point during the last few months, I've realised that I have some entire deadly families knocking around. Matilda and Malin have both sent us picture and eggs - and Matilda somehow got her father into our Tropical Bikini! For this sterling work she got the first runner up voucher.

I am biased towards cats and Alices suave Valentines cat complete with romance kit and Cherie Silk teddy was therefore the second runner up.

Mostly I try not to let Amaryllis win everything (she already has more knickers than it's possible to wear in a year, I think), but the chickens in various Alouette bras were just too good a joke I'm assuming you'll all be using them anytime women are called birds or you're asked for pictures of breasts?

Last but very far from least, Deadpool was such a hit he just had to be the winner! Though I think Clare, his stylist and photographer, will be the one using the voucher for the most part.