Deadly Underwear as Outerwear Competition

Deadly Underwear as Outerwear Competition

Deadly Underwear as Outerwear Competition

My sister popped round last week and spied a pile of goodies I'd, er, "borrowed" from the stock before we moved, and we ended up taking some quick shots of lingerie I consider perfectly acceptable as outerwear. Admittedly, it's possible that my occupation has warped my sense of what's appropriate ;)

I love slips and camisoles. In the winter I wear them as an extra layer to keep warm and comfortable - though I can't always run to the luxury of Aytens flat seamed (and hence super smooth inside and out) silk garments, I'm also a big fan of Rosy's more affordably priced versions. Obviously blue is always my favourite:

The red is more redolent of lingerie with its lace trim and semi sheer panels, so definitely needs a bra underneath. I put a Whistle and Wolf top with it, but I have to confess that my Philmore Clague pencil skirt and my high waisted black skirts get much more wear. If you follow our events you've probably seen me in any number of bikini tops and bras with a super high waisted skirt.

This is the super plungey slip in microfibre over the Van Doren bralet and under a cashmere wrap dress. Strangely, I think it's more boobalicious than the more obvious red slip!

I'd also snagged a Karolina Laskowska harness for nights out... which also made me realise I'd described these entirely wrong, they are definitely IVORY, not white! I have a couple of this style as I like the mix of the strappy style with the great big and frankly girly bows. I have this super plungey top that I wear to show off bras usually.

I think I prefer it over a loose top though. Even if I do have to put my hair up to get the best effect from a harness!

Last but not least, Karolina custom made me a bra a while back, and I haven't shown it off yet! It's made from kimono silk with silver and gold thread in it, which means in person it's very, very shiny and exciting! I'll try and get some vide of it at some point.

After that, I realised what our next competition should be - Deadly Style!

To be in with a chance to win a £400 Kiss Me Deadly voucher to spend on whatever you want on our site, or 3 runners up prizes of a £50 KMD voucher, it's very simple.

Make an outfit that includes some Kiss Me Deadly and is (arguably) suitable as outerwear, even if its only nightclubs.

Take a picture! There are some tips here.

Email it to or upload it to our site and let me know you're OK for us to post it on our Facebook, Tumblr and so on.

The deadline is the 30th June 2015 - ready, steady, get snapping!