Shoot Your Love

Shoot Your Love

Shoot Your Love Photo Competition

Back around Valentines I asked you all to Shoot Your Love, wherein you took a picture of something or someone you loved in KMD, and we got both the fastest ever entry and a huge array of pictures of varying degrees of silliness! Here's the entries collated for your viewing pleasure.

People featured heavily, obviously. Mostly boyfriends. I have to say I think the boyfriends, fiancés and husbands of Deadlies are a game bunch and I can only hope they know what they're getting into!

I have a sneaking suspicion these two have been practising their poses.

Meanwhile, a familiar face from sunnier climes:

And in even sunnier climes, one deadly managed to get her very cheerful dad into one of our bikinis! I have to say I think it works delightfully with the hat.

At the other end of the age range was a deadly baby who had decided that peacock green was way better than peach. She'll go far!

Apparently you can fit two people into two suspender belts in more ways than one. Plus, I am reliably informed that "doing a Morgana is much harder than it looks".

Meanwhile, someone was off to Club Noir in Edinburgh, head-to-toe KMD!

These Deadpool costume character entries foxed me initially, but it turns out Deadlies love Deadpool so I was rapidly brought up to speed.

Deadlies also have a wide variety of much beloved (and variably patient) pets.

Dogs are easier to photograph than cats. but some of them seem to have a natural goofy face :)

Or they can go regal (this tiny dog is called "Fancy", by the way, which seems very appropriate).

Bunny rabbits and cats both need Vargas Girdle capes.

Though can't be relied on not to stick their tongues out at you.

But how about snakes?!

Snakes in a m********** DeVille bra!

If you're into bras and breasts of course, then Amaryllis has you covered, with her excellent collection of Chickens. Chickens in Bras.

Or bra-nesting chinchillas. My mum was very confused as to what a chinchilla actually was.

A politely behaved Valentines cat, called Alcie.

However, I like to think of this as a series entitled "The problem with cats".



Miraculously the stockings appear to have survived.

Last but not least, cuddly toys! Unexpected but I do enjoy the notion of a piglet in a waspie.

Not to mention Quill the sophisticated velociraptor, who has excellent bedtime reading, and wears knickers. Which we know dinosaurs do.

So now I have to pick winners! Which are your favourites?