The joy of gifts

The joy of gifts

This Christmas, the intrepid Karolina Laskowska decided to organise a lingerie Secret Santa. Somehow, she managed to herd people across several countries and an enormous size, price and style range, using only the power of being nicer than me and a gigantic spreadsheets, into swapping pants.

And this is how I ended up with something pastel pink, lacey, frilly and unutterably girly., from La Lilouche. And actually, I like it! Because I would never, ever have gotten it for myself and it's just so nice to be able to try something different, just for fun, and realise  it actually looks nice. Plus it's an unpadded bra, and I'm really into those at the moment but they aren't top sellers, so we don't do them. Thank god for brands that have to worry about these things less!

If you've seen pictures of me you'll know that my usual style is... somewhat darker.

Anyway, it reminded me of why we prefer to send gifts than run sales. Sales are sad. Gifts are great!  What's better than something fun you might never have tried otherwise? Charlie has been picking the gifts  this year; we get an order in, someone goes and gets the things in it, and she chooses a gift that is the same size as the rest of your items, for free. Then we post them all off to you, and remember to let you know because KMD customers are so honest that if we send them free things they sometimes emails us offering to return them, thinking we've made a mistake!

It's the very last day to get a gift today. I hope plenty of you have one by now, though I know it's going to take a while for the US, Canadian and Australian post to catch up. Share your favourite gift - or swap  your not-ideal-one - in the comments?