Lovebomb 2014: who is involved this year?

Lovebomb 2014: who is involved this year?

Round about this time everyone else launches a Valentines promotion. Unfortunately, I'm terrible at classic Valentines stuff (I blame my first ever boyfriend, whose idea of romance was the gift of hair conditioner!). Happily, this means I get to do things differently, so a few years ago we started the Lovebomb campaign, where indie brands get together, run various offers and generally chat each other up online.

This year we've changed the format around a bit, so I chose 6 brands to cover the breadth of the industry, and to go into a bit more depth about indies. Did you realise that we're all small businesses with no funders or investors?

Most of these brands have been set up by individual women, originating with their desires or loves - and are now well settled into spending most of our time dealing with Harmonised Tariffs, Value Added Tax, Employment law, Minimum Order Quantities, and a host of other incredibly dull and frustrating stuff that none of us really envisaged when we got into it!  Have you ever thought about setting up a business?

Back in November we manged to spend a few hours together in the photo studio with a make-up artist, pretending like our lives actually contain some glamour.

Now: can you guess which brands we're working with?