Lovebomb 14: Curvy Couture

  • By Catherine Clavering

Lovebomb 14: Curvy Couture

I spotted Curvy Couture at Moda, the UK trade show for lingerie. Predictably, it was a catwalk piece, all platinum metallic lace and swarovskis, that caught my eye - and their plus size models.

It's vanishingly rare to find an independent brand for plus sizes, possibly because there's a link between higher incomes and lower weights in the UK (and even more of a stigma attached to plus size), so it's perhaps not surprising that this brand hails from the USA, instead, and have just set up their UK offices that mean we can buy here in our own currency.

I love their fancier stuff (I'm a sucker for peacock feathers) but having taken a close look at the show and later, there's an attention to detail here that can't be captured easily in pictures. With sensitised skin, I'm very enthusiastic about their softer, smoother hooks and eyes, seamless cotton cups (a major achievement in a DD+ cup), super slinky pants and comfortable straps.

We couldn't ship people over from the USA, so plus size blogger Becky joined us for the shoot. She's definitely over the fashion plus size model - a UK 14 - and I was happy to be working with someone with a modern hairstyle for once! If you're a fuller figured lass, you can read regular reviews from her here at The Ramblings of Mrs BeBe.

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