Lovebomb 14: Ayten Gasson

Lovebomb 14: Ayten Gasson

Ayten Gasson has been producing silk lingerie trimmed with vintage lace for years now, but what sets her apart from other brands is her focus on ethics and environmental issues. Even high end UK brands end up making overseas for all sorts of reason, but for Ayten, making in the UK is a key, none negotiable feature. In fact, if your order right now, you might even get something she's made herself, as she's one of very few designers still regularly sewing (I can't sew at all. When you see me talking about sewing, it's because she taught me!).

A fabrics specialist, she also pushes the boundaries on environmental issues, being the first to use peace silk, suitable for the vegan or committed vegetarian lingerie lover as it doesn't involve any silk-worm-death! Meanwhile, in the UK she's supporting the very last of the UK lace mills, based in Nottingham, once the thriving heart of our textile and fashion industry. Lets try and keep these skills alive - if only because making things in the UK massively reduces our carbon footprint!

I can't get enough of her bedjackets and nighties, but Kiss Me Deadly fans seem to prefer her knickers, especially the ouvert ones (posh kinky knickers, innit). For Valentines she also has a complete lovers gift set, all in delicious black silk, with eye mask, knickers, pasties, and cuffs, all in a beautiful box. Neat!

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They are also running a competition:

"We are also running a very special competition which is open to all our fans and followers on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Just do one (or all) of the following and hashtag your posts #LOVEBOMB2014:

PINTEREST: Pin a picture of the bed jacket you would like to win and tell us why.
INSTAGRAM: Post a picture, screenshot or regram of the bed jacket you would like to win and tell us why.
FACEBOOK: Comment on our album Silk Cover Ups under the image of the jacket you'd like to win and tell us why.
TWITTER: Tweet @AytenGasson a link to the bed jacket you would like to win along with your reason why.

We will pick the winners name at random along with 5 lucky runners up who will win a silk padded eye mask. The winners will be announced on our blog and via Facebook on the 10th February 2014!"