Lovebomb 14: KMD

Lovebomb 14: KMD

Oh oh oh I know this one, it's us, right?!

Hopefully you know enough about us already, but in case you don't; I used to be a psychologist. I know,  I know, it's a long story, and involves stockings. Somehow I ended up involved with a stockings retailer and then that led me into retro lingerie... which was very lucky, given that I was too disabled to do my previous jobs! Anyway, if you're new, here's what to expect from Kiss Me Deadly

Retro style - seamed stockings, high waists, corsets and girdles, metal garters so your stockings stay up.

Vintage influences - 20's and 30's bias cut nightwear, 40's and 50's bra shapes, shapewear and swimwear.

Scary pictures. I'm just not pin-up, so I went femme fatale instead. Expect weapons galore, smoking, drinking and

Lots of elastane (lycra) - we're vintage inspired, but I don't do reproductions or faux vintage, I'm all about the modern fabrics, so we even make some items with lasers and now I know I can sonic together suspender straps nothing will stop me!

BIG KNICKERS. The bigger the better and it's not just the pants, we use more fabric than the average scanties brand on everything we do.

Sarcasm, statistics and social media silliness. I started out trying to be a fashion person and gave it up as a bad job.  For better or for worse, we're all lumbered with the way I write.

Collaborations. Yep, these multi brand things are usually my idea - everyone else just has to do all the work!  I like the other indie lingerie brands and I shout about it. Plus, you get to vote and comment on collections as we develop them, so only the best things make it into our selections of limited editions.

Consider yourself warned. But, also, 20% off today! Stick the code LOVEBOMB2014 in at the checkout, and catch one of our fast-moving limited editions!

In the picture is the Sirena corselette - corselettes are all in one body shapers with a built in bra, and in our case, 6 metal garter tabs, plus some vintage fully fashioned stockings, made the old fashioned way - a flat shape that gets hand sewn together to make a leg!