Lovebomb 14: Playful Promises

Lovebomb 14: Playful Promises

When Emma was 18 she bought a tiny black g-string in flirty tulle, which cost £25  in 1990-something and thus meant she was too broke to do anything else for a week.

If you're reading this, you've probably lusted after knickers you can't afford, too. Thus, Emma's mission is clear; amazing lingerie at affordable prices. It's a tough call in an era of ever increasing prices, but she's still the most economically priced independent brand on the block, and Playful styles are exactly that - fun and flirty, with plenty of cool details and lately, amazing prints. Prints that match their new clothing line! My inner matchy matchy urge nearly passed out when I discovered this. And it all started when she swiped a pattern cutting book whilst doing a much more sensible degree!

Emma's personal style can get quite retro, but Playful Promises itself is thoroughly modern, with flashes of neon for Spring, and cupless bras up to an F cup. My personal favourite? I've got the most wear out of this bralet, which is great when you think that I'm into the DD plus sizes, and this stunning (and now running out and thus at a ridiculously low price) silk kimono top and black waspie.

Playful Promises are offering a whopping 30% off for the next 24 hours using code LOVEBOMB2014

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