How Deadly are you?

How Deadly are you?

Sometimes our fans seem to know more about things than even we do! Just for fun we thought we'd see how much - how did you score? Answers in bold!

Lets start easy: where is Kiss Me Deadly based?

England, Andorra, Vatican City, Monaco.

Most of you got this, yes, we're English.


A little harder: What is our longest selling style that comes out every year?

Vargas Longline Girdle, Alouette, Vargas Dress, Delacroix

The latter 3 styles were all part of our second ever collection, but it's only the Vargas Dress that we redo every year. We came up with the Vargas longline a year or so after that, but we do make them more often (smaller batches, in the UK).

Which of these things have we been told is a problem in our images? Tick all that apply!

OK, we have been told off by various people for using a model with a disability, being too sexy, vintage fur, glass bottles, replica guns, and implied smoking. Of these I was most annoyed by the disability thing and utterly baffled by the glass bottles. We have NOT been criticized, to the best of my knowledge, for using a black model, the pistols, implied alcohol drinking, implied gambling, or skulls. Give it time! Sooner or later someone will remember that alcohol is a major problem in the UK - arguably more so than smoking.

We often work with other small indie brands. Who is our current pop-up and collaboration with?

Fraulein Annie, Playful Promises, Karolina Laskowska, Walmart

We only work with other small brands so Walmart are out. Fraulein Annie are probably our favourite other retro brand, with A-G cups. Playful are, well, more fun than us! But it was Karolina that joined us last week and you went completely crazy for her pentagram thong (now called the pantagram in my head) and kimono fabric pants, corsets and pasties. If you want her to do more then you can vote for her here!

A really hard one: we only have a few staff, but can you spot which of these hobbies NONE of us have?

Running, Pole Dance, Trapeze, Medieval Re-enactment, Knitting, 18th Century Literature

This foxed most of you. Kate runs, Charlie pole dances, Joe trapezes and re-enacts (not usually at the same time), Rachel knits and I don't have a life and can't follow long books easily, so 18th century literature is out!

How many versions of the Alouette have we made?

4, 7, 8, 12

Deliberately hard. It's 8! Anyone got them all?

What things have delayed or stopped cool things from being made? Tick all that apply!

Global economic collapse (that was what, 2007/2008? we lost an entire collection that year), Overwires do not exist! (still waiting for them to be made to our standards), Volcano (seriously; held up shipping our goods for a month), Snow in Nottingham, UK (also held up stuff for about a month a few years back; the UK is a very mild climate and doesn't cope well with extremes!), and Factories have no electricity (in China, there is electricity rationing! At random!).

Dinosaur attacks are surely a possibility but haven't happened. Yet. 31 one of you thought it already had, and will probably end up getting jobs with us.


Which of these facts is NOT true about the first ever Vargas Dress?

It was an accident, It was a collaboration with another brand, It was white with a turquoise top, Absolutely no retailers ordered it.

It wasn't a collaboration but everything else is true. I think you can see why we've had you vote on new styles rather than rely on professional buyers!


What is the main reason we changed the design of the Van Doren 6 strap Suspender Belt?

Sheer boredom, More flattering, Easier to sew, It was being counterfeited.

Boredom is something that plagues me but I don't generally mess with things that are consistent sellers. the new shape IS more flattering but that wasn't the main reason, and it's harder to sew so the factory are a bit miffed with me.  Basically, we found a stockist who was buying in belts from another brand, slapping a label that said KMD on the bag and selling them as KMD. Why you would risk doing this to a brand that actively markets it's homicidal tendencies I don't know!

The last question was something we wanted to know about you. As Christmas and Valentines are coming, we sometimes get people asking about buying for their loved ones. Generally this is a great excuse for  someone to write a gift guide complete with cheesy clip art and ethically dubious suggestions about how to find out someone's size surreptitiously, and how buying them a girdle is a bad idea because it could be taken the wrong way.

So what do you really, really want?

Vouchers and girdles, apparently!

A big thank you to everyone who took part, I hope you had fun and I'll be spending the afternoon trawling you results for high scorers so I can pick a voucher winner!