Can stockings help cancer research?

Can stockings help cancer research?

After we wrote our last entry, about issues with cancer awareness campaigns and products, I let Lidia know that possibly her PR people weren't going to get the response they had wanted from us. Lidia has been running Sweetpins for a while now and knowing her, I figured there was a more personal story behind the smooth press releases - so I asked for it! I really appreciate her honesty, especially as she's never met me - because they are based in Australia our relationship is strictly emails crossing in the night!

Sweetpins have launched their own stretch seamed stockings this year and are currently donating 2 dollars from each stockings sale to the Australian National Breast Cancer Foundation.

"I must admit that I mostly share your view on cancer campaigns. It drives me crazy especially when:

A- they are used to promote wrong messages (I mean No Bra for cancer - are you serious?)
B- they are used for commercial purposes. Brands use it to make money out of it, taking advantage of the massive publicity that breast cancer foundations get.

How are you different? You may be asking.

Well, I should probably say that I don't only support breast cancer programs. My husband and I have embarked on a war against cancer, since it claimed his mum 3 years ago. We support various cancer charities and aim to fund specific projects that we feel close to - mainly around prevention and education.

It was 3 years ago that the word awareness acquired a completely new meaning for me.

I thought I knew about cancer. But really, did I? It turns out I had no bloody idea. I was sitting on a mountain of ignorance, misinformation and
myths topped off with a nice dollop of fatalist attitude (cancer "happens"). The painful experience of losing my mother in law taught me a lot of
things. Especially taking responsibility of our own actions. Most people know they should change something about their lifestyle but they don't
because they're too lazy or busy or it appears too difficult. But if something happens we want somebody to blame - your genes, the State, God, whatever..
This attitude drives me insane, and unfortunately I see it around me all the time.

So back to the National Stockings day campaign. I would like to point out that I don't feel like we are exploiting the breast cancer fundraising
message to our own advantage. The NBCF does nothing - or very little, anyway - to promote our product. Well, that is probably because we are a tiny business, anyway.

Donating $2 per pair of stockings is actually a big effort for me and it taps into an already meagre profit. Those stockings are our best seller
product already, and they've been specifically selected for this very reason.

Whether we like it or not, the reality is that various Breast Cancer foundations can raise a lot of money through these "pink" products. But I
was tired of seeing yet another pink apron, or shopper bag. Why when we talk about breast cancer we all go pretty and nice and.. pink?

In Australia you can never say anything too controversial.. Someone, somewhere, in the middle of nowhere, might get offended.

I had to prove that my product and my brand was not too sexy, in order to be associated with the breast cancer foundation. We couldn't show more than an inch of skin on the pictures.

At that point I was already about to give in, because I thought - well, if they're scared of showing a little bit of legs than this is definitely not
going to work. We are all about celebrating the female body and we are certainly not afraid of showing it (with class).

I had this conversation with a close friend of mine, who has been personally affected by breast cancer. One thing that she told me really stuck to my mind. She felt that once you have cancer, it's like you can't be sensual anymore. You have this huge mark on your skin and everyone takes pity of you and you are not just seen as a woman - with certain desires and passion - anymore.

Your feel deprived of your femininity as well as your breasts.

That is the reason behind my decision of associating Australia National stockings day and the Sweet Pins products to the breast cancer foundation.
I was proud when they finally accepted to work with us because maybe it will help shaking up this conservative and obsolete attitude towards

So yes, in all honesty this is my reason and my motivation, and please feel free to publish my comments, if you think it's appropriate.

I would LOVE to receive honest feedback and I know that KMD followers are often people who are not afraid to speak their mind! :) "