Show time

Show time

This time of year we end up at lots of events! And not for trade only, which is nice. So, here is our calendar:

October the 28th: Boudoir of Beasts, London

A Halloween lingerie show in what I am told is a super posh club on the right side of town (I never know these things, which is why I am rubbish at conventional PR!). The main attraction for you? You can see styles of lingerie from us that otherwise have only been shown to trade press and buyers. Plus myself and Jessica will be around if you want to wave at us.

November the 10th: Dolci Follie opening party, London

I don’t have much in the way of info as yet, but we’re very excited to be stocking a shop over in Notting Hill from November, especially as they also seem keen on Cervin stockings and Playful Promises pants. I’ll update you when we know more!

November the 12th: SSSH market, Northampton

SSSH are an organisation for people who really, really love fully fashioned stockings. Their evening event is members only and always overbooked, but the afternoon market is open to visitors. You can find us there with our own styles, a few other interesting brands and assorted stockings and fetish related products, and, of course, FF stockings, plus the very sweet Lucy Fur and others, from 1pm till 5pm in the Holiday Inn, Flore, Northampton. We tend to only take small amounts here, so if there’s something you are especially wanting to try on, its worth dropping us an email and I might make sure we put it in the van that way!

They like fully fashioned stockings this much:

November the 18th, 19th and 20th: Erotica, London

After some umming and ahhing, we’re again accompanying House of Burlesque – the stand (H6) will largely be devoted to performers and models (with a bath, a pole, a birdcage and a chaise longue!), but we’ll have a few sets of lingerie and some stockings in there too. Erotica have a much wider variety of stages this year and a dance theme (which has caused all sorts of legal hanky panky) so I’m planning on kicking back and enjoying it more than my usual frenetic appearances there would indicate!

I think the chaise will probably be more comfortable than the bath, though. And I really can’t recommend taking your stockings off with your teeth.

Hope to see some of you out and about in the next few weeks then!