Want to look like Morgana?

Want to look like Morgana?

Sometimes, we get lingerie returned because it doesn’t make the customer look like Morgana. Now, to some extent I sympathise, I really do, because Morgana does look great, but equally, its probably helpful that we’re not all clones and there are limits to what even really great shapewear can achieve. Plus, even models don’t look exactly like they do in a photos – that takes hair, make-up, lighting, backgrounds, the odd prop, the strange and esoteric understanding of how to pose so you don’t look odd (I’ve never been able to manage it, Morgana can manage to look model-esque even when being tickled), and photoshop. Though on our images, the photoshop is usually on the background and the special effects!

Seriously, how does she look that good in a goofy shot? I count myself lucky if I’m not gurning in most pictures.

Anyway, if you’ve been harbouring a wish to try out a makeover and then a shoot with a professional, we thought this would be a good time to give away a photoshoot with Morgana! She’s just relaunched her photography website, you see. Obviously, we’d like to see her shoot you in KMD, so to win the shoot, you have to make an order with us (if your order is large, we’ll add you in a few times) and because we’re not allowed to do a lottery, answer a fairly simple question when you checkout. We’ve phrased the question to remind you that to have the shoot, you need to be able to travel to Colchester, England, UK!

The prize covers a photoshoot where Morgana will style your hair and make-up in her lovely home studio, then shoot 2 clothing changes (or lingerie changes, we hope) with a bit of help and advice on what poses work for you, and send you 4 finished images in high resolution that you can use as you wish!

You’ve got until November the 14th 2011. Good luck!