Lyz and her customised Vargas:  a labour of Elytras

Lyz and her customised Vargas: a labour of Elytras

I'm quite excited by this entry as I love the texture and colour of this - shiny blue-green will get me every time! But Lyz does have a warning; apparently it takes forever.

"I chose to customise my multiway Vargas dress, as these corselettes are my favourites pieces from you.

I hand sewn a few hundreds of Elytras on it, as well as on your opaque stockings. This sounded like a great idea but I hated myself while spending days realising it!
"To have a proper KMD inspired shooting we went to old crumbled castles (damn revolutionists) at sunset, and, of course, I borrowed a sword"
(to put this in context, both the UK and France, where Lyz is based, had civil wars that involved chopping the monarch's head off and knocking castles down with cannon. Naturally, the French were much more enthusiastic about it than the British and chopped quite a few more royal heads off than us).