Amaryllis' customised outfit: iron all the things!

Amaryllis' customised outfit: iron all the things!

Amaryllis sent us these pictures (and I saw a few that had been discarded because the guns were too small!) which show her in her turquoise Deluxe swimsuit, customised mostly using ironing!

All the studs, sparkles and the "POW!" are ironed on. She ironed with a damp cloth on top and lots of steam so as not to melt the fabric of the swimsuit. You have to be really careful with the heat setting and time. She says "I used the silk setting and lots of steam and pressed the iron down for no more than 20 seconds a time before moving to a new patch."

She also cut the ties at the neck and added a satin bow and metal charms. She took the fabric from the straps t make the belt, which is only attached at the side seams and the buckle actually unfastens.

Oh, and she added padding to the cups!



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