Lady in the lake competition - win a £250 voucher

Lady in the lake competition - win a £250 voucher

We're a couple of weeks off our customisation competition deadline (15th August 2014, for all your crafty types!) - and we're doing our new shoot today at Morgana's home studio. It's themed around traditional British myths and legends, but most of the people in those are men, so expect to see Georgina and the Dragon, instead, because frankly if we limit ourselves to women characters, life would be terribly boring.

Of course Amaryllis had already done this. But she did say it wrecked the corset.

But we did debate doing the Lady in the Lake, who is the custodian of King Arthurs magic sword, amongst other things, so I've been thinking, why don't we get you to do that? All you need to do is:

1) get a sword

2) get your KMD swimwear (or KMD lingerie at a push but I wouldn't recommend soaking your silkies in the sea, for example!)

3) Find a suitable backdrop - the lady of the lake myth doesn't just happen in water, but it helps. It's also a Film Noir title, happily!

4) Probably you will need a friend to take the picture, because holding swords AND cameras/phones at the same time  can be tricky.

5) Email us the picture!  To

The deadline is the 30th August 2014. We'll post all the pictures up and announce one winner, who will get a £250 voucher to spend with us, and 3 runners up who get a £50 voucher each.