No Summer Sale, Free Gifts For All!

No Summer Sale, Free Gifts For All!

I know it's properly Summer now and everyone and their dog is doing a Summer Sale and probably will do from now until September, when it will be a back to school promotion instead, but we don't.

We just don't really enjoy them, sorting through the poor sad lonely suspender belts and bikini bits and then selling them to people who are often only tempted by the low price and then feel faintly disappointed, tainted with the inexplicably ineradicable aura of undesirability.

You know what's WAY more fun? When an order comes in and we all try and work out what the person who made it would enjoy from our pile of interesting things!

Sometimes we get it wrong. And we stopped doing it with bras because the sizing is WAY too complicated.

Sometimes you *think* we got it wrong and then you try it and you're like, wait, why have I never tried this colour/style/item before?!

Sometimes you send us a tiny order but we know you so we pick out something amazing. Sometimes you order so much stuff that we think, oh... maybe 2 free gifts?

Sometimes people cancel the entire order but still want their free gift, which is a bit rude!

Sometimes it's a pair of stockings, other times it's a rare Vargas item.

Now, it's always labelled clearly as free gift after a bunch of people extremely honestly tried returning the things we packed "by mistake"! (we love you).

And sometimes... we run out of gifts. One Christmas we ran out of all our size L gifts in less than a week. Since then we've been a bit better organised (we didn't expect people to get so excited!)

Anyway, at the moment, when you make an order, we'll pack an extra item into it with great glee, whizz it in the post to you, and in 1day to... hrmm, several weeks if you're in Australia or similar, but usually faster than that, you'll get a lovely parcel full of nice things to try on including something mysterious and free, and also, if I remember to pack my suitcase properly tonight, one of our excellent postcards of Morgana, Emmie and Jess! (plus 1 dead courtier, free to a good home)

Go on, you know you want to!