Amaryllis has a djinn-ious idea (what?!)

  • By Catherine Clavering

Amaryllis has a djinn-ious idea (what?!)


So let me explain this.  Um . . .  I'm not sure I can, except that Amaryllis has been a very enthusiastic deadly for years now, so when she said she couldn't get her hair to match the Fifi, we sent her the Divine instead. We have moments of being nice. Cheeky requests get nowhere, but delighting folk who've sent us pictures and blogs and catwalked and stuff? We're on board with that!

Anyway, for some reason this spelt Djinn stories to Amaryllis, and she managed to rope her mum in for it! So I would like a rousing cheer of appreciation for Sylvia, mum of Amaryllis and extremely convincing wearer of bright pink.

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