Itziko in the Plum Leonie

  • By Lydia Deadly

Itziko in the Plum Leonie

If you've been following KMD for a while, you probably already know that the vast majority of our imagery is created by one-woman model, photographer and editing wizard Morgana (aka Threnody in Velvet). However, she's a busy lady and these shoots, which are usually planned months in advance, can be scuppered by samples not being ready in time, lost shipments of stock, or other such ill-fated gremlinery, meaning we don't always get all the product shots we wanted. So, between official shoots I'll also sometimes pick up the camera and head to the studio for a more informal shoot with non-professional models, who are usually friends or performers who are kind enough to give up a bit of their free time for us.  

When putting out feelers for models on which to shoot the Basbleu cincher as outerwear, Itziko responded with 'how do you feel about using an older model?' My first response was along the lines of 'sure, do you know any?' before realising Itziko was putting herself forward! Itziko is an interesting character - tarot reader, academic, queer feminist and lover of snails (she keeps them as pets!) - and I knew immediately that she would make a fantastic subject. Her question also made me realise that, despite the fact that we do strive to keep our photography inclusive, I don't think we've ever shot with someone who isn't in their 20s or 30s. With Itziko's tattoos, slash of red lipstick and sharp bobbed haircut, she has a great look, and one that certainly doesn't fit neatly into the box of what society says a woman in her mid-40s should look like - right down to her choice not to shave her underarm hair. 

Over a few interesting chats about representation and inclusivity, we threw around some ideas for the shoot - and I remembered an online tarot reading she'd given me a few months previously. I asked Itziko to bring her favourite deck, and we ended up more or less forgetting about the Basbleu and instead shooting these fabulously witchy images in the Plum Leonie. If you're interested in finding out more about Itziko's 'tarot for feral urbanites, feminist witches, fallen gods, jaded queens, defiant queers & seekers who defy labels', or if you'd like to book her for a consultation, you can find her at


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