The Lingerie Addict Birthday Offer and Quiz!

The Lingerie Addict Birthday Offer and Quiz!

Picture of Cora, The Lingerie Addict, by Christina Mallet (formerly Katrina's Secret), wearing the pink longline girdle.

Approximately one billion years ago in internet time (2009), I emailed the owner of a blog called "Stockings Addict" because she'd been puzzled by some similarities in styles between stockings across different brands.


How long ago? So long ago she had the original Sirena and wore it to DragonCon, that's how long ago.

That email ended up on the blog, giving an industry insight into manfacturing and pricing issues for everyone . . . I'm still writing for her 8 years later!

Stockings Addict became The Lingerie Addict,  the worlds largest consumer blog about underwear, and Cora eventually gave up her other work to concentrate on it. Plus, we accidentally became transatlantic friends, something that's really only possible when you're both people born late enough to spend way too much time online and one of you has a sleep disorder. Yay internet!

It was Cora's 33rd birthday this weekend and she wanted to try something new and, in the way of us self-employed entrepreneurial types, mix work and personal life. I'm very happy to have been able to give her exactly what she requested; 33% off the things she likes most in the store right now!

Photo by @Kommienezuspadt, MUA @ari.barbie, look styled by @thelingerieaddict

But lets play a game too. I feel like a close friendships that develops from a conversation about stockings factories is sufficiently ridiculous that we can play spot-the-lie. So. Can you find the fibs in these statements?

1) I have a special pair of cheerleader pom poms that I get out and wave when Cora does something I love. They are made out of gussets.

2) Cora once fell asleep on my table at a trade show.

3) We sometimes compete to see who can make their hair the biggest.

4) A KMD stockist once complained about our relationship because it gave KMD "too much coverage" and I said they were welcome to go back several years, retrain in the social sciences and then slog their way through high stress jobs in not-for-profit organisations that involved working with domestic violence if they really wanted to replicate our commonalities, thanks.

5) We share a lawyer. It's impossible to do anything serious in life without someone threatening to sue you.

6) We both definitely think that bra fit is the most interesting and useful thing in the world of lingerie.

7) Stats nerds, stats nerds, we are stats nerds, we're going to take you down when you did your sampling wrong! (sing it to the tune of sex bomb)

8) We have only met in real life 3 times. On one of those occasions I tried to get her to steal table linen.

9) We have to use a British-English tnslation for understatement, sarcasm, emotion and colloquialisms, and we still can't agree about what constitutes a scone.

10) I have converted her to watching the Great British Bake-Off, a show I consider to be the pinnacle of British cultural achievements ("Wait, you really do all have mugs of tea all the time then?!")

Cora in the peach Vargas dress by Viva Van Story

Tell me which you think are the lies in the comments!