New website, now with added Layaway payment!

New website, now with added Layaway payment!

I'm sincerely hoping that you've all noticed that the website look a bit different and has done for a few weeks now! Zooms up and down when you switch between devices, for a start. I think all the glitches are sorted now so this is the LAST WEEK you can get 25% off with code newsite.

It's not just a facelift, the entire software and everything it's based on has changed.

(Behind the scenes, Morgana helpfully took a picture of Jess and I)

I'd realised quite a while ago that we were falling behind on what our website could do. Bear in mind that KMD is 10 years old, and that's an awfully long time on the internet. Originally, my brother made our shopping site, and that meant we were way ahead of other small brands who had to risk hiring people to do things they knew nothing about (a few of my colleagues can tell you some horror stories!)

But these days no one person can keep up with everything that's happening with websites and especially online retail, so I'd resolved to move to shopify, one of the biggest systems there is for creating shopping sites easily  (like the shopping version of wix, sqaurespace or wordpress).

Migrating your shop is a bit of a nightmare though, especially as KMD involved thousands, if not tens of thousands of pages of content, everything from an elaborate archive to the blog. Most of it has to be moved manually, literally cutting and pasting. A pile of it I just dumped (after checking our analytics to see if any of you were actually using it!). The archive got simplified, and I'm still painfully reassembling the blog. Resurrecting the fan gallery is going to take . . . some time.

I've also spent the following weeks tweaking a few things based on feedback.  So, what do you need to know?

There's a search function! Top left, under the logo. You can search for a size in it, too. It will show you anything that has come in that size.

I haven't sorted out linking that to stock control, because we're still trying to figure out how to make sure that things like Wolf & Whistle swimsuits in 8-b-c (which is about a 32b and 32C) show up when they're using a different size system to everything else.

Your accounts now accrue points. Honestly, this is mostly because we rely on word of mouth and I really wanted a way to thank you for sharing us with your friends (and maybe your family but I think that can get weird, no?). However, I couldn't move over your old account data, for legal and technical reasons, so your OLD LOGINS WILL NOT WORK. It takes about a minute to set up a new one. I promise not to move again for a while. Also we kept an archive of your data, you're welcome to a copy anytime in the next 12 months.

For the moment the returns system remains the same but we're hoping to shift to something easier for you.

Multiple currencies are a thing! Look for this:

Yes, that's 3 types of dollars, based on countries we most often sell to.  The VAT issues (EU version of sales tax), I'm sorry, but Shopify doesn't really support VAT the way we used to do it, so we've had to do what all the big brands do instead.

Payments! I had dozens of you ask about PayPal. In reality, the new checkout was in fact paypal, it just didn't look like it because I'd switched to paypalproflow (thrilling stuff, I know). Happily, Paypal now let us have both that AND the type of paypal express you're used to, so you get a choice at checkout:

Conventional checkout left, paypal express right.

If you click on conventional checkout you can still use a direct to paypal thing after, AND I've now installed a lay-away ap called LAY-BUY. 

This means you can split payments into 6 months, at a cost of 0.9% extra and £15 if you mess us about on it, terms and conditions apply. It means we'll put your order in a safe place until payments are complete. You can still return it for a cancellation or exchange just like any other order. It looks like this.

Yes, I need to sort out the banner at the top.

Otherwise, a few people have asked why their parcel doesn't turn up exactly 48 hours after they order. Well, that's because we have to find your goods - and the time for that depends on what you have ordered, some brands take longer, some items are made to order, sometimes a wormhole eats all the stockings (seriously I have no idea wht goes on there). Then your items have to go through some admin, both to make sure they get into the post properly and that we have a record of it all. THEN they have to be collected and delivered and Royal Mail doesn't work on Sundays or Bank Holidays. So, I amended the description of the postage method since I have been doing this too long to remember that most people don't know that you have to to pick and pack a parcel before it can be posted.

Postage charges remain the same.

I think that covers all the questions I've been asked so far, but feel free to stick more in the comments!