Christmas 2015: the Lingerie Secret Santa

Christmas 2015: the Lingerie Secret Santa

Thanks to the generosity and enthusiasm of Karolina Laskowska, for the last few years increasing numbers of us tiny indie lingerie brands have been playing a Secret Santa game. Each year we check who wants to join in (time, enthusiasm and the ability to tweet are relevant), whether we can match everyone up sensibly (niche brands and their owners don't always align neatly in their size availability) and some other really boring stuff (like, is it possible to send something from the USA to the UK as a gift AND for it to be insured?).

Then we start sending out gifts that are surprises. None of the brand owners or designers know what they're going to get. I once got something pastel pink. Believe me, I was very surprised when I liked it!

This year we learnt many things from preparing for this. First off, as in life, minority groups are under-represented in indie brands, though it would appear we are exclusively women!  There are more brands than ever before - some old ones renewing themselves (it's been lovely to chat to Laura from Ell and Cee), others have been around a while but we've never met (hi Sandmaiden!), and I'm especially pleased to welcome Nubian Skin onboard, being as they are probably the fastest growing indie lingerie brand to launch in the last couple of years and they meet a hugely important need. No more pale beige "nude"!

Here's just one of their fabulous photos.


Here's the full list of brands to watch!

Toru and Naoko

Sugar Lace Lingerie

Pamela Cooper Intimates

Edge Of Beyond

Uye Surana

Nubian Skin

Love Pillowbook

Ayten Gasson

Karolina Laskowska

Raven Dreams


Playful Promises

All Undone

Kayleigh Peddie

Orchid Corsetry

Betty Blues Loungerie



Little Women


She And Reverie

Harlow and Fox

Kiss Me Deadly

Dotties Delights

Ava Corsetry


Ell And Cee

Who would you love to get a gift from? :)