Who is our Lady Of The Lake?

Who is our Lady Of The Lake?

This season all our images are based on gender swapped British Myths, so we asked for your take on The Lady Of The Lake - a woman who features in the Arthurian legends, primarily as the keeper of King Arthurs magical sword Excalibur.

We had a wild array of entries including the extremely sophisticated and lateral, and discovered that as we suspected, many of you have access to a sword.

This one from Miss V is a Noir take - as Lady Of The Lake was also a Nir book, so she became her own 50's book cover! She wore the Emerald DeVille.

Kait had her boyfriend help out so she could get this deliciously floaty shot in the pool, and added some ethereal fire in photoshop. She sensibly wore a Cabaret Bikini (don't put your lingerie in chlorinated water! Use swimwear!).

Regular viewers might recognise some of these people - Poppy was on stage with us, and that's her Beth basque.

Sarah is wearing the Tropical Kitten Bikini.

And Anthony is wearing the Divine set we customised  for Poppy, plus opaque stockings in fuchsia, which apparently really do stand up to this kind of treatment!

Amaryllis went modern, and reminded me of Tank Girl, with her Excalibur Missile prop. I suspect it's papier-mâché and I don't know if her children helped her make it!  She wore her Vargas Dress.

I haven't seen Lucy before but I enjoyed her combination of sword, kimono and the Lydia.

Amanda did some clever shooting here to rise out of a very real fire.

And Vikki went to play in the water - with random passers by, apparently - a scant 8 weeks after giving birth. She's wearing her Lace Print Bikini.

I loved the complicated shots and the group shots and so on, but I found myself going back to this one. Something about the sunlight and Vikki's pose, though for once I'm not  sure I could quite articulate why.

This means that Vikki has a £250 voucher, while Amanda, Lucy and Anthony (really, how could I not reward uncompromising masculinity in a bra!) have £50 vouchers each. 

What shall we do for the competition? Do you all have either a man or a cat you can get a photo of?