British myths and deadly legends; what exactly is going on in our new pictures?

British myths and deadly legends; what exactly is going on in our new pictures?

This season we did some gender swapped British myths, only to realise that it pretty much baffled anyone not from the UK. Well, the Lingerie Addict covered it as "a land of dark fairy tales", which is pretty accurate in style, but it's possible they hadn't quite realised we were pretending to be dragons. Apparently it's just us with the dragon thing?

Anyway, we did British myths because all too often when you open a fashion magazine or a blog there's some blurb about their amazing holiday overseas and how the exotic colours and "ethnic" prints inspired their new styles. We're just not that sort of brand (my last holiday was to Edinburgh, and I doubt anyone wants a bagpipe bra) and all too often it's a bit pretentious. So we stuck with British, and forgot that it would coincide with the vote on whether Scotland left the UK!

Then we gender swapped the roles, because for some reason, traditionally men get all the best bits in stories and we're not having any of that.

Did you spot any of the myths? Or are these new to you? And can you guess what's real and what's photoshopped?!

Blue Tempest: King Arthur and the sword in the stone


The Arthurian legends should be pretty well known by now since there have been so many films, animations and TV series on it. No-one really knows if he existed or not, though you can visit various places related to the legends across the whole of the British Isles, including Cornwall (the sunniest part!), Wales and Arthurs Seat in Scotland. The story goes that he had a magic sword, Excalibur, which was stuck in a stone, and only the true king could pull it out.
By the way, Arthur is due to come back if Britain is ever threatened!


Cupless Vargas: George and the Dragon

Why have one Morgana when you can have two? George is the patron saint of England, which is a little strange because it's actually a legend from much further East, brought back by the crusaders.  Again, magic swords may be involved; George slew the dragon saving many maidens and a town from it's terrible and oppressive demands.


Jacquotte: Herne the Hunter

Herne the Hunter is definitely one of our lesser known myths, though Terry Pratchett readers might find him slightly familiar. He also turns up in a Shakespeare play. He's a ghost associated with Windsor Forest and the Great Park in Berkshire, the South East of England, and it's possible he originates in older folklore about horned nature gods. In England he leads the Wild Hunt, a myth you find across Europe where supernatural creatures hunt in mad pursuit across the sky. Getting in the way is generally considered a bad idea.
We had our horns made by Twisted Twinkle.


Peacock Sirena: Robin Hood

Peacock isn't really green, but it's close enough to make Morgana into Robin Hood, right? Thanks to Disney, Hollywood and a recent episode of Doctor Who, you should all of heard of him - robs from the rich, gives to the poor, fight the evil Sheriff, lives in the woods? And a crack shot with a bow and arrow. So we've co-opted a wealth distribution folk hero to sell pants, because we're a class act.


So, did you recognise any of them? Do you have any you'd like to see added? I'm quite taken with the notion of doing the Mabinogion, just to confuse everyone!