What makes KMD special to you? Your wife's happiness.

What makes KMD special to you? Your wife's happiness.

I'm running a writing competition at the moment - just a line, paragraph, however much you want, on what makes KMD special for you.

Here's Elliots answer (not his real name):


"I am not much of a scribe so please forgive if this is not very eloquent.

About 10 years ago I was diagnosed with depression. I have had a few moments when the downs have seemed unbearable and I have wanted to end it. Fortunately for me I have the most amazing wife. She has looked after me and always bought me back from the edge. I think I can safely say that had she not been around I would not be here today.

Approximately 5 years ago my wife broke her thigh bone. It was then revealed that she had a giant cell tumour within the bone that had weekend it resulting in the break. As a result of this she was given a knee and partial thigh replacement meaning she has a large scar. During this time I felt so helpless in view of everything she had done for me, and of course my love for her.

Once my wife had been through the rehabilitation process of learning how to walk again along with waiting for the wound to heal, she got extremely upset wondering how anyone could find her attractive again. She lost all her confidence.

I strive every day to try to make her happy and confident and I have often found it is the small things that help the most. However nothing seems to boost her confidence more than wearing nice pants that are not only sexy but comfortable. It's nice to see the cheeky grin she has when she has KMD on that no one knows but just make her feel better in herself.

Therefore to me KMD means the little extra confidence and happiness it gives my wife."


I have to confess this one made me cry a little.