What makes KMD special to you? From sad-drab to glamourpuss

  • By Catherine Clavering

What makes KMD special to you? From sad-drab to glamourpuss

I'm running a writing competition at the moment - just a line, paragraph, however much you want, on what makes KMD special for you.

Here's Kathryn's answer (not their real name).

"The only evenness about my breasts is that there are two of them, other than that, they go their own way: one is a pert and dainty a confection as can be, the other looks like a squashed Tesco value bap. So, although they are small, bras have never been able to satisfy their divergent needs. My bra "collection" consisted of these three. One isn't even a bra, it's a broken bikini top (second-hand); the other two date from circa 2008 (no, CE not BCE.) Such was the sad drabs and sorry state of my usually secretly-supported vested tits, until I could no longer resist the come hither signals Kiss Me Deadly were luring me in with...

Unlike any other brands, (and I have tried on EVERY bra in a shop more than once) KMD fits! Every style and even sister sizes manage to coddle both and finally unite them. I don't know - or care - what saucyry (sic)  you employ, but the effect is magical. My suspicion is that my breasts tremble (attractively nestled in their Emerald De Ville) at the prospect of my showing them Catherine's stern glare, and it is this glowering Clavering threat which keeps them Deadly. Whatever it is, it's miraculous - Thank You from all three of us! "

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