What makes KMD special to you? It helps me BE me!

What makes KMD special to you? It helps me BE me!

I'm running a writing competition at the moment - just a line, paragraph, however much you want, on what makes KMD special for you.

Here's Janet's answer (not their real name):


'Kiss Me Deadly and Me'

I’m an addict. Yes, I confess, I’m utterly addicted to being All Woman.
I might be feeling languid, I might be feeling lascivious, I might be feeling lady-like and when I do, Kiss Me Deadly’s luscious, luxurious lingerie makes me feel ... ah lingerie, the L word ... ‘ell it’s just heavenly isn’t it? 
But coming back down to earth ....
Sadly I don’t always get to be the kind of All Woman I want. I’m disabled. Like an unwelcome guest, Multiple Sclerosis comes knocking at the door, takes my body away from me, locks it in a room and holds it to ransom.
But I do get to steal my body back when I can, and when I do I open my up box of treasures (the one full of perfumes and jewels and Kiss Me Deadly creations) and dress myself up like a queen - naughty sort of monarch, but that’s how I love to play pretend.
When I was a little girl I had a dressing-up box full to bursting with my mother’s old clothes. She was a fifties lovin’ dame, so there were dress hoops and petticoats, waspies and stockings, dresses of shot silk and taffeta, clothes that were feminine, fascinating and fun.
It was a box stuffed with gloves and with glamour and I never understood why when I grew up, those gloves, that glamour wasn’t for sale anymore. I was desperately searching that extra special ingredient, the one that transforms Putting On Clothes into Dressing Yourself Up.
Of course, the best dressing-up starts from the bottom up, darlings you simply have to begin with the intimate apparel. 
But where to find it?
Marks and Sparks underwear? High marks for practical, but low marks for sparkle. Department store ranges? Unimaginatively average to bland. And some high street unmentionables really live up to their name.
Try as I might I just couldn’t find my brand, the elusive label that said Enchantress. Siren. Vamp. Femme Fatale.
And then ...
Kiss Me Deadly brought all the glamour back into my life.
Sometimes I feel like my outerwear might have seen some wear and tear, but as for my underwear, wearing Kiss Me Deadly makes me feel like a goddess.
So what makes my Kiss Me Deadly special to me?
Kiss Me Deadly is for me,
My erotic, glamorous lingerie,
Sensual, seductive, heavenly,
Parts of my identity,
That don’t always come easily,
And when I need the remedy,
KMD helps me, be me.
So thank you for helping me express my inner everything.
Thank you for letting me wear my inner goddess on the outside.
Kiss Me Deadly, you make me feel atomic.
Don’t stop."
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