What does your lingerie mean to you? The KMD writing competition.

What does your lingerie mean to you? The KMD writing competition.

Every now and then we get an email that isn't "where are my pants?" or "what size should I get?"

They're the emails from people for whom KMD lingerie isn't just something nice to cover up your bum with, and to me, they're very special.

Here's one of them:

"I can't wait for my package, I'm especially hoping the teddy is the perfect thing to live in for the rest of the summer! :) I've had a lot of health problems this past year, so besides being a wreck and feeling like total crap plus now having to accept/learn how to live with "fun" new permanent health issues, my body+body image have definitely gone completely sideways - it would be nice to not only see something I LIKE in the mirror for once but also FEEL a little better about what's in the mirror... Looking -but much more importantly feeling!- both "pretty" AND physically comfortable in something hasn't really happened for a long time... :/

It's funny, lingerie has kind of been my one impulse/indulgence through everything I've been going through. Medical crises take away a lot of your surface identity and personality real quick - realistically, who has time for makeup and dressing up when you're in such bad shape? But building a (humble) collection of beautiful lingerie has kind of helped me reclaim some feelings of identity, attractiveness and femininity... I *know* I'm not the only person who has found lingerie a powerful tool while dealing with health issues and life in general -don't they always say put on your fanciest pants and your boldest red lipstick to go out there and tackle a really bad day :)"

I also have plenty of health problems and yes, I too use lingerie and clothes as a way to improve how I feel - but I've heard from people who've been through all sorts of stuff that makes them find their KMD things much more meaningful than just limited edition scanties. And I'd love to hear more about that.

So here's a simple competition, no cameras required!

Just answer this question:

What makes your Kiss Me Deadly special for you?

Email your answer to info@kissmedeadly.co.uk, with permission for us to quote you without identifying you - or post it in the comments below!

The deadline is the 25th October 2015.

The winner gets a £200 voucher and 3 runners up get a £50 voucher each.