Want to win a £150 KMD voucher? Post us your card!

Want to win a £150 KMD voucher? Post us your card!

Right now we have two sets of postcards out.

One is our stockings graphics, which we started using a while back as it was a nice way to package the stockings so they were easy to display,  simple to post out and fun for you when you unwrap them - plus you can still see the colour of the hosiery within.

We also have lingerie trump cards! We made these with John Tyrell for the Lovebomb this year because I thought writing huge reams of text was unlikely to amuse you when we talk about other brands, so they have a picture of the designer with something to do about how we got started, and some vital statistics!


At the moment one of these is going out in every order.

Now, if you have one already or if you order this week, you could win a £150 voucher by:

Address your postcard to us:

Charlie at Kiss Me Deadly Kiss Me Deadly
C/O Infonaut
Petre House
Petre Street
S4 8LJ

Write your order number on it - this is important! We can't track you down without it!

And then... post it to us.


We'll collect all the postcards together and pull one out to get a £150 voucher in a month. So remember the important dates:

Your order must have been on or before the Tuesday the 3rd March 2014.

The draw is on April the 3rd 2014.

I'm really looking forward to our postman's face...