My wardrobe secret, now available to all of you!

My wardrobe secret, now available to all of you!

Apparently it's not appropriate to just run round in your underwear all the time, so as well as a ridiculous lingerie collection I have a ridiculous wardrobe. So ridiculous that at the top there's an enormous collection of extremely large feathery hats.

Everyone with a wardrobe needs their favourite labels, but that can be a bit tricky when you're a size 16, petite, with occasionally very specific needs  like "must have at least 3/4 of my bra on show" or "can there be a glimpse of stocking top?"

And that's where Philmore Clague comes in. Increasingly when you see pictures of me at work events, I'm wearing something Philmore made, often to order for my exact measurements. He also has the most amazing core range of butt-lifting pencil skirts, modern circle skirts, and the most fabulous cowl necked dressed and tops. In several years of going to his shop, I've never seen anyone that didn't look great in them. The man is a pattern cutting genius. He especially enjoys the kind of hourglass and pear shapes I tend to make for, but I've seen straight up and down figures looking especially sleek in there too.

Much as I love going to the shop, trying on 30 things and then going to see What Katie Did (right next door, handily), I'm not someone who gets out much. So over Christmas I finally got exasperated, and made him a website!

This has the side effect of meaning that now, I can accidentally buy another  dress overnight... but so can you!

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do but just do me one small favour? Try not to turn up to KMD events in the same outfit as me ;)