Wait where's the shop?!

Wait where's the shop?!

Deadlies, I am so sorry to say this, because for all these years you have been amazing and I've been very thankful to have wonderful fans, customers and colleagues, but I have closed the shop unless and until I find someone who wants to take over. This is because my long term illnesses have gotten worse, and the healthcare available for them is extremely erratic.

In our absence I suggest shopping at these places!

Playful Promises (UK, USA, Australia) - especially as they have some stock of KMD left, and the Bettie Page brand.

Harlow and Fox (UK) for glam luxury vintage styles (especially the best silk french knickers)

What Katie Did  (UK, USA) for a more authentic reproduction of vintage styles, especially the 40's and 50's

Ayten Gasson  (UK) for sustainable silk, bamboo and customisation options

Emma Harris  (UK) for luxury silk and lace styles made in the UK

Uye Surana (USA) for fun sheer mesh sets with matching stockings

And personally I am mostly buying from Snag  these days for tights and stockings :)

Right now I am lucky enough to have the support at home to be able to stop and  concentrate on getting my healthcare in better shape. 

I hope that in the future I can stabilise things and return to some sort of work, though I don't think I ever want to run a company that makes physical products again! 

Which means, if any of you by any chance are a huge fan who also happens to have a silly amount of money, then I'd be happy to sell the IP (intellectual property - for micro-enterprises especially usually what you sell of a label is the brand name, trademark, domain, contacts etc) if you want to make a go of it :)

Unless and until the IP sells, I'll be maintaining the website static content. That means the galleries, archive, blog etc. I do actually have a content stash so you never know, it might even get updated.

And once again I really want to thank you all. You've all been wonderful - and I hope your lingerie continues to delight for years to come!

- Catherine