Vintage styles, modern methods!

Vintage styles, modern methods!

With our first ever Kickstarter campaign well and truly underway, we're super-excited about the potential and possibilities crowdfunding opens up to us. We're a third of the way there - our awesome army of Deadlies have pledged over 1.5K already! And we have just under two weeks to reach our target. Nail-biting stuff!

Today we thought we'd show you a bit more about the origins, inspirations and designs of the swimwear range we'd like to put into production. At Kiss Me Deadly, we're known for our love of film noir and all things dark and mysterious - so some of you may be wondering what's come over us, and why we're suddenly obsessed with flamingos and leopard print!

The answer is - in short - vintage repro. We love taking inspiration from the designs of yesteryear, when clothing was expected to be stylish and durable, not cheap and disposable. We figure that femme fatales wear what they want with glamour and sass - and not always in black! 

Above - the Emma Flamingo playsuit: You can see that we stuck pretty close to the original shape for this vintage playsuit - but we made the print flamingo and flowers, and unlike the original, ours is in a fabric that you can easily wash and dry!

Above - the Penelope Flamingo swimsuitInspired by the design being worn by the lady in the middle on the left hand image!

Above: left, the amazing Jane Russell in vintage body con, and right, our version

Above: left, Marylin Monroe in her iconic gold lame gown designed by Travilla, and right, Morgana modelling the gold swimsuit that we'll produce if we hit 15K

Above: from inspiration to execution - the top tier of our Swimwear Kickstarter rewards, this swimsuit, based on vintage designs, was created by Lyzzy Beswick (our technical designer in the UK), and she handmade it for our model/photographer Morgana. Inspired by floral vintage elements, we added a modern twist in the form of laser cut and laser edged patent-look roses, lilies and hibiscus flowers, embellished with Swarovski crystals

Above: But don't forget there's also the Leopard Deluxe swimsuit and the Cora two-piece, which are based on older KMD designs, and have been updated and redesigned to fit in with our fabulous new collection!

So what are you waiting for - take the plunge and Swim With Sharks!