Deadly Underwear as Outerwear Competition; the final entries

Deadly Underwear as Outerwear Competition; the final entries

Deadly Underwear as Outerwear Competition

A last minute slew of entries! You can see the previous ones here and here.

There's some familiar faces and plenty of new ones; I'm mostly excited about umbrellas, how about you? :)

First up: the "academic gown" edition. Blue Tempest Bra, Blue DeVille skirt, corset and black slip with what I am pretty certain is a UK university black gown, yes? As sent in by Cat

Over in Canada, Karen shot this day-to-night set of how to style the Violet Divine Bra as a top.

I'm not always a fan of pale pink shades, but I enjoyed seeing Lea's mix of candy pink ruffles with the Wine Demi-Corset and some black ankle boots.

Amanda went to the courthouse for her photo. Because well, why wouldn't you? Another Divine Bra - customised, I think, for a fuller bust - with the Lingerie Skirt. Should you ever end up in court, don't wear this outfit. If you get the wrong judge they could either keel over from a heart attack or take against you because sheer panels are SO outrageous!

I'm not sure what Jo's skirt is made from - latex, maybe? But she's wearing the Divine with matching stockings. And much more sensible boots than I would wear.

Pamela sent us her favourite wedding outfit, which includes the Ariadne corset that went with the Divine. Basically, unless your outfit comes with matching umbrella (which makes perfect sense in the UK), you need to level up ;)



This is possibly the most conventional Amaryllis has ever been for KMD! That's the Blue Alouette waist cincher.

Avigayil has one our retro harnesses, and created three outfits with it. I think I like the "office wear gone a bit wrong" one the most, how about you?


Chloe has both the corselette and the bra in the Divine, and reminded me that she had previously sent us a brilliant picture of her Black Milk dress with the Vargas longline girdle.


Logan might be a familiar face to you; here's her embellished Divine bra from last years competition, followed by the Silk Cherie Teddy with a Karolina Laskowksa harness, a Black Tempest corset that was made specially for her with the Emerald DeVille bra, and my favourite, the same corset but over the Betty Blue babydoll. It's such a fine mesh that it fits underneath and creates a peplum.


Jade wears her Van Doren bralet and 8 strap suspender belt.

Ema sent us three outfits combining the Jolie bra (now there's an old style! Clearly it lasts) and the Ida/Delacroix bralets with tailored high waisted shorts - and her Cabaret Bikini in use.


Kelsey figured out a way to make a colour block belt effect from her Jacquotte Girdle. I think it's the first time I've seen anyone use the KMD girdles that way, I like it.


Which is your favourite? Who do you think should win? Don't forget the other entries here and here.